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Gusto is Advancing the Leading Platform Focused on

Restoring Key Functionalities of a Healthy Microbiome


The Microbiome Ecology Company™

Gusto is revolutionizing human health by building the leading discovery and development platform that applies ecological principles to restore key functionalities of a healthy microbiome. Gusto’s proprietary GUST+ platform integrates advanced computational and microbiological tools to discover and develop novel Live Biotherapeutic Products (LBPs) with unprecedented speed and efficiency.

Our ecological approach combines proprietary bioinformatics, AI and microbiology expertise to identify differences in core microbiome functionalities between healthy and unhealthy individuals. Gusto’s advanced tools for analyzing the ecology of microbial communities enable our scientists to rationally design LBPs that restore missing functionalities and achieve targeted immune modulation and optimization of metabolic pathways. As a result, Gusto can systemically address a wide variety of complex conditions where community interactions play a significant role.


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Our Mission

Gusto is improving the human condition by setting the standard of care for diseases linked to functional imbalances (dysbiosis) of the microbiome. Our novel live biotherapeutics and companion diagnostics offer the potential for safer and more effective patient-centric care through disease prevention, early detection/diagnosis, intervention and monitoring.


The Power of Gusto's Approach

Gusto’s proprietary technologies and expertise drive our hypothesis-based, bottom-up approach to designing, engineering and manufacturing the live bacterial consortia needed to restore the missing core functionalities underlying dysbiosis. We aim to achieve exceptional therapeutic efficacy by applying our strain-level mechanistic insights into gene function, network stability and metabolic interdependencies, along with our advanced modeling and AI capabilities.

The therapeutic efficacy of live biotherapeutics also requires delivery to the right location and then achieving a sustained presence in the gut. Deep understanding of the biology of bacterial consortia and communities allows us to optimize delivery and attain consistent levels of therapeutic performance/efficacy, regardless of variations in patients’ microbiomes.


Groundbreaking Therapeutic Design

Gusto’s proprietary GUST+ bioinformatics, computational modeling and predictive analytics platform uses advanced metagenomics-based analysis to interpret dynamic molecular communication both within microbial communities and in their mechanistic interface with human systems. Using GUST+, Gusto has pioneered the world’s first digital map of host-microbiome ecological interactions. These unique capabilities allow us to optimize the distribution of targeted functionalities and metabolic support in our live biotherapeutics, enabling them to achieve the desired therapeutic outcomes while thriving in the complex and competitive systems of the microbiome.

Integration for Drug Discovery and Development

Our GUST+ and biotherapeutic Design Lab capabilities are integrated with our microbiology laboratory and GMP production facilities to achieve efficient and effective design, development and production of novel biotherapeutics in record time. Streamlined workflows and development processes fully integrate discovery, optimization and development of microbial therapeutics, delivering initial leads in about 12 weeks.



First-in-Class Microbiome Discovery and Design Lab

Fully integrated next-generation microbiome discovery and development platform with parallel computation and laboratory testing for efficient therapeutic development

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